Presented papers 2012

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Khatam-al-Anbia Hospital
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Presented papers 2012
Dr. Abrishami, "SWAP perimetry could predict retinal changes in type I diabetics" -(oral)
Dr. Moosavi, "Ocular Manifestations of HTLV-1" - (poster)
Dr. Etezad, "Normative values for the Fusional amplitudes by rotary prism and The prevalence of heterophoria in binocular healthy adults" Mashhad, Iran - (oral)
Dr. Derakhshan, "Determining the relationship between pre and post surgery keratometry and incision site in cataract patients undergoing phacoemulsification surgery"- (oral)
Dr. Derakhshan, "Occupational eye injuries: Incidence rate and socio-economic status of patients" Mashhad, Iran.(poster)
Dr. Derakhshan, "Occupational Eye Injuries: Socioeconomic evaluation and Health System Impacts" - (poster)
Dr. Derakhshan, "Effect of clear cornal incision location on corneal astigmatism following phacoemusification.(poster)"
Dr. Saber, "Levodopa-Carbidopa and occlusion treatment for older children with amblyopia (oral)"
Frontalis suspension for congenital upper lid ptosis : comparing open with close procedure using silicon rod" - (poster)
Dr. Khakshour, "Mechanical Superficial Keratectomy (MSK) with mitomycin C and extended wear contact lens for corneal haze after photoreftactive keratectomy (PRK) following high myopia"- (oral)
Dr. Khakshour,  "Comparison of recurrence and complications frequency of subpterygiumal mitomycin-C injection one month before surgical removal without conjunctival flap versus rotational conjunctival flap and intraoperative mitomycin-C"- (poster)
Dr. Khakshour, "Adjusting ablation for angle kappa improves results in myopic PRK"- (oral)
Dr. Khakshour, "Customized Photo refractive Keratectomy by using technolas 217 for hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism"- (poster)
Dr. Khakshour, "Evaluation the knowledge, attitude and practice of at-risk workers about occupational eye injuries" - Mashhad, Iran. (poster)
Dr. Banaee, "Use of viscoelastic materials for protection of macula during removal of large IOFBs"- (video)
Dr. Banaee, "Mashhad Retinal Vessel Analysis (MRVA)": An algorithm for detection of vessels in digital images - (oral)
Dr. Banaee, "Digitized detection of changes in retinal vessel diameter in various stages of diabetic retinopathy" - (oral)
Dr. Zarei, "Zywave Aberrometry in Macular Disease"- (oral)
Dr. Zarei, "A technique to salvage big-bubble deep lamellar keratoplasty after inadvertent full-thickness trephination"- (poster)
Dr. Zarei, "Traumatic Wound Dehiscence after Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty" - (poster)
Dr. Zarei, "Effects of Pterygium on Ocular Aberrations" - (poster)
Dr. Zarei, "Confocal Microscopy in Chronic and Delayed Mustard Gas Keratopathy"- (oral)
Dr. Sedaghat, "Neurotrophic Corneal Ulcer Following Tow Times Topical Tetracaine Abuse in a One-eye Patient with Same Clinical Course"- (poster)
Dr. Sedaghat, "Comparison of central corneal thickness measurements with Pentacam, Orbscan, and Ultrasound"- (poster)
Dr. Sedaghat, "Preliminary result of corneal biomechanical change after cross-linking measured with the Ocular Response Analyzer"- (poster)
Dr. Sedaghat, "Endothelial cell loss after corneal cross-linking for keratoconus"- (oral)
Dr. Sedaghat, "Late -onset sandwich interface keratitis :Candida albicans Interface Infection After Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty and its management without regraft and exellent result"- (oral)
Dr. Gharaei, "Tear film change after clear cornea incision of phacoemulsification"- (oral)
Dr. Gharaei, "The effects of corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin (C3R) on bullous keratopathy"- (oral)
Dr. Gharaei, "The infectious scleritis after subtenon injection for corneal graft rejection"- (poster)
Dr. Ahmadian, "Modified Topical Anesthesia (Regional) in Phaco IOL for all Adult Patient (500cases) is a good Option, Method and Challenge"- (poster)