Current researches

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MUMS Eye Research Center
Khatam-al-Anbia Hospital

  Current Researches


  • Preparation and in vivo evaluation of liposomal Avastin (Anti- VEGF IgG) for intravitreal administration: comparison with soluble form
    Dr. Majid Abrishami, Dr. Bijan Malaeke


  • Preparation, characterization and in vivo evaluation of microspheres encapsulated with triamcinolone for Intravitreal administration: comparison with suspension form
    Dr. Bijan Malaeke, Dr. Siamak Zarei


  • Comparison of the role of VEP, Color Vision Test & Contrast Sensitivity Test and perimetry in early diagnosis of Compressive Optic Neuropathy Thyroid related ophthalmopathy
    Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam, Dr. Afsane Ebrahimi


  • The evaluation of high dose steroid therapyin management of Traumatic Optic Neuropathy(TON)
    Dr. Mohammad Etezadrazavi, Dr. Maryam Hoseini


  • Assessment of influence of Levodopa/Carbidopa in amblyopia treatment in 7-20 years old patient
    Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam


  • Evaluation of effect of intensity and extent of scleral depression during vitrectomy on the rate of endothelial cell loss
    Dr. Tuka Banaei, Dr. Akbar Derakhshan


  • Assessment of difference between cycloplegic and noncycloplegic refraction in different age groups
    Dr. Abbas Kargozar, Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam, Samira Hassanzade


  • Mashhad Eye Study
    Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam, Dr. Akbar Derakhshan


  • Assessment of incidence and clinical characteristics of strabismus in opiate addicts
    Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam


  • Microbiologic evaluation in adault dacryocystitis
    Dr. Mohammad Etezadrazavi, Dr. Mahdi Farzadnia


  • Establishing an animal model of optic nerve crush in rat
    Dr. Mahdi Farzadnia, Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam


  • Evaluation of SWAP perimetric changes in type 1 diabetic patients without clinically detectable posterior segment complication.
    Dr. Majid Abrishami


  • Outcomes of Artisan intraocular lens insertion for correction of myopia-hyperopia-aphakia
    Dr. Hamid Khakshoor, Dr. Daryuosh Farrokh


  • Assessment of the efficacy of mega dose methyl prednisolon in the treatment of traumatic optic neuropathy in rat
    Dr. Aliakbar Sabermoghadam, Dr. Mahdi Farzadnia


  • Determination of branching angle of retinal arteries in glaucomatous patients and comparison with normal subjects
    Dr. Ramin Daneshvar, Amin Hoseinzade